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Lento - Anxiety despair languish (2012)

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Tony Ackland

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Lunch in a trench on the Western Front. 

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Jæren, Norway

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Botanist - VI: Flora

hey underground men!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry me and jarred have been busy after gramma lucy died are uncle jim had to send us to boys camp because grammy lucy couldnt take care of us from heavin and goerge 3 was away on his honey   moon

Camp was hard because we had to dig alot and couldint here the new farmerkon cd but we learned alot and important lessions il tell you what!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so the boatanist was trying to eat all the corn and scare the other camp boys and steal uncle jims big boy juice not funny boatanist get yoru butt over here or else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!or else you dont here the new king dude roundup jamboree is what else!!!!!

il what you what

heres a warning for if you see the botanist in youre field 

1) grab your biggest shuvle and biggest buckle dinner is at 6 and the botantist is hungry

2) give me and jerrald a holler 

3) the boatinists favorite food is chicken tid bit tarnish so maybe try and trick him by setting a trap

go dig a hole and just put the whole chicken in there il tell you what

4) you better go dig!!!!!!!!!!

5) if that dosnt work you can put on the new mellissa nibbler solo fiddler cd and make him sleepy that always cheers him up ;)

10/10 stars botinist i hope your tummy is full!!!!!!!!!!!!

- petey 

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Detail from Illustration for the Three Snake-Leaves

By the Brothers Grimm,
Denis Forkas Kostromitin

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Kayo Dot tests!

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